Feilding Flying Club

Feilding Flying Club
Presidents Report April 2019.
Hi all,
We are now into May, the last Month of our Clubs financial year.
Subs are due at the end of May and still at the extremely affordable amount of $30.00.
For new members, if you have joined in April we take April and May new memberships and roll the subs over to the next financial year starting the 1st of June.
For members rated in club aircraft, remember you must be a club financial member to fly them   (Insurance).  Please don't act as pilot in command from the 1st of June if you haven't paid you subs.

This is also a good time to check your RAANZ fees and Medical are also up to date.
We have has a lot of new members join this year and we encourage those to come forward if they would like to be part of running our club. New members on the committee bring new ideas and new skills to the club. Please don't be shy, come forward and have a chat to one of the committee.
AGM is on the 1st Sunday of July. 1.30pm.

Speaking of new members we would like to welcome three new members in April, Sharif Ellicott, Rachelle Taylor and Anthony Taylor. Welcome to our Club. Make yourselves at home.

All our aircraft are on line so make the most of the patches of good weather and keep an eye out for Dawn raids as it is that season again starting with Waipukurau on the 12th May.

To follow is the CFI and Safety Officers reports along with the next two months roster.
Remember if you can't make your rostered time or day, please ring another member from the roster list and see if you can swap.

Our club is very busy with students, BFR's etc and this help is making an amazing difference in both the instructing, maintenance and general meeting and greeting.

Don't forget afternoon tea at three on the 1st Sunday of the Month, all welcome.

CFI Report
Hi everyone,
I have a few things to mention this month and mainly to students-

1. Please only book one lesson per weekend. We have a lot of students and we like to give as many of you as possible an opportunity for a lesson. If you have booked twice, can you please cancel one. Thank you.

2. Dawn raid season is on its way, and we like to get as many of us to the destination aerodrome as possible. Instructors like to go too, so as they come up we may move or cancel a lesson or two. But we will inform you!
If you would like to go... talk to the instructors or put a note on the board and we will see what we can do.

3. We have a new 'Overdue Aircraft ' procedure, so please familiarise yourself with it. It can be found on the notice board.

4. Congratulations to all those who have done BFR's this month. Remember, you don't have to wait until last minute to do one , there is a 30 day crossover period. We also have a special aircraft rate for those doing a BFR, so just ask.

Safely Speaking: Overdue Aircraft
We have recently looked at our overdue aircraft procedures and have made some minor changes. These have been attached to the club notice board and detailed below…
Could all aircraft users write flight details on the white board in the club rooms and in the payment book in the hangar before departing for all flights regardless if there is no one else around.
Flight details to include:
  • An ETA or SARTIME (ETA + 30minutes) - you can always call someone to change it for you if you think you will be delayed.
  • The fuel on board you depart with
  • A mobile phone number if possible
  • Name and phone number of passenger if applicable
  • A rough flight plan:
-for a flight within 10nm then 'Local' will do but the more vague it is, the harder you will be to find!
    -Other flights indicate a flight plan e.g. FI - FP -PM. PM - KP - FI
Then, if you suspect an aircraft is overdue:
1    SARTime Check /ETA    Details will be on the white board/aircraft payment book
2    Check the airfield    The aircraft may be back but not in the hangars
3    Radio    Attempt to reach the aircraft on the radio
4    Phone pilot    Details should be on the white board or look up in Shlott (www.shlott.com/group/members)
5    Inform duty instructor    If duty instructor not available contact CFI
6    Contact destination    Call the aerodrome (see www.aip.net.nz ), or control tower/flying club or person being visited
7    SARTime/ETA 30min    Contact club president and safety officer
8    Call RCCNZ    0508 472 269
9    Contact other stations along route    Estimate aircraft track and position and call en-route aerodromes etc
10    Media enquiries    Give no details to media, refer them to the Feilding Flying Club president.

Keep a record of time and actions preformed, sheets provided at the club rooms detail this.
Calling the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCCNZ) 0508 472 269:
They will ask for the pilot's name and contact details, the character of the pilot (very reliable to forgetful), passenger's name and contact details, the type of aircraft involved, fuel on board/endurance, fuel card type carried (BP), flight plan and expected EET/ETA, where was the aircraft when last heard (and time), other tracking ability (ELT - emergency location transmitter, cell phone, smart app's - find my phone - Get Home Safe - Glympse, PLB - personal locator beacon, Spider Tracks etc.), and the weather. 

Fuel can be traced from the pump accounts (hence needing to know the fuel card type) to estimate how much fuel is on the aircraft if refuelling occurred (and thus endurance). Mobile phones can be traced so this allows for a rough area to search if still in cell coverage, or at least where it last pinged.

The RCCNZ prefers to have an early call to they can start the coms search. The time to deploy search aircraft can be an hour so that if the coms search is delayed then it will take longer to find the aircraft, thus increasing the risk of a recovery rather than rescue. If 111 is called instead of the RCCNZ then it is treated as a crime scene and RCCNZ will have a delayed search response. If it is suspected that a fatality is involved then RCCNZ will notify the police accordingly.

Let's hope we never have to use this procedure, but if we do it is imperative that the information that we've ask for will result in a quick resolution.
Fly safe
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