Feilding Flying Club
Feilding Flying Club March News Letter.
The year is racing and we are now heading into March.
Although flying has been down compared to normal due to winds etc our Club has been extremely busy.
The RAANZ National Fly-in and our Clubs Twentieth Aniversiry celebration is now behind us and both a great success. For those members whose partners and friends helped please thank them for us. Great effort.

For those who took pictures of our fly-in, please send to Stuart Parker at RAANZ. He struggles to put together articles with no information being forwarded to him. office@raanz.org.nz   ASAP if you can. Cheers.

Thanks also go to instructors from out of our area who also put a lot into our fly-in, Ross MacDonald, Peter Rix and Bradley York. Much appreciated.
Also, thanks to Roger Ferguson for allowing us to use his aircraft for the pre-flight competition. The entries went form excellent pre-fights to very poor, almost scary.
Aircraft wise, both Tecnams are on line and it was great to see both of them flying nearly all day at the Fly-in.
Sam Lohrey our under sixteen work for flying lad has finished. Thankyou Sam for a job well done, we will miss you and good luck in your future. You have some flying time left. Contact Sarah. Thanks again.

Our committee has decided to take a break from this under sixteen program as other items within the club need our attention. We have full intentions of picking this up again at a later date.

This brings us to our member roster. Some members on the roster very seldom front up leaving the duties to others. This isn't exactly fair on the club regulars and we would like to improve things in this area. The roster lists go out every month, please look at it and attend. If you cannot make it please organize another member to swap with you or if you are able to, email all members asking to swap. We are a club and all pull together to ensure its success. If you socialize at our club, fly our aircraft, why are you not on our roster? Good question. Please come forward and do your bit. With Sam gone the jobs that he did around the Club will be picked up by members, this doesn't amount to much each weekend and there will be a list of Jobs on the board that require attention, easy.
Sam put in on average about one and a half hours in per week so that spread over four rostered members per weekend is very little to ask. Thanks to those who are already doing their bit much appreciated.

We would also like to welcome William Leipnik back as a return member. Great to see you have fitted straight back in.
Also welcome to another new member Beau Neill, make yourself at home.

The RAANZ engine on condition program is going well with members stepping up and doing what is required to get through. If you have an engine in a microlight that is running out of time or you are just unsure of the process give me a call and I will work through it with you. (0210453801)
Most who have gone through are pleased with the results and now have a clear understanding of the conditions of there engines and what is required in the future. We owe a lot to the RAANZ executive for getting this on condition exemption through.

It is only an exemption so please don't abuse what we have been given because it can be taken back by CAA in a flash. Outcome from that, we all have to buy new motors, ''ouch''. So far so good. Let's keep it that way please.

Financially and in spirit our club is in great shape and we are still keeping an eye out for another aircraft but no rush, watch this space.
Don't forget Afternoon Tea at Three on the first Sunday of the Month. (1st March)
CFI Report
Hi Everyone,

We will be starting the Navigation ground course in March. I am looking at Thursday March 12th at 6pm at the club rooms. Not sure if it will run for one or two Thursdays. I am hoping that it will be one. There will only be about 6 spaces for the first one. So, it will be first come first served. So let me know if you want to do it.  If it goes well we will run it again so if you miss out on the first one there will be another opportunity.

Well, it's now been a few weeks since the RAANZ National Fly In was held at Feilding. It was great fun and a great success. Just ask those that attended! A big congratulations to all our members and students who took part in the competitions. I was so proud of you all and you all did so well. A big thank you to all
who helped.

For those who don't know, here are the results of the Flying competitions-
In the bombing -
1st Frank Vanderhulst in the Drifter - 2nd Tracy Abblet (MAC). Frank Vanderhulst up in the Drifter to compete - 3rd Bill Penman
In the Spot landing-
1st Peter Rix  - Peter is an instructor from Masterton and I was blessed to have him help with the air judging. He also took some cadets up for a fly.
2nd Pete Kernahan- FFC & MAC member- Peter was also responsible for a lot of the organisation of the weekend
3rd Robert Harper - one of our visitors.

Only one of our students placed in the Spot landing and that was Peter Bourne. We separated the students marking from the certificate holders to give students a chance to place. It was a great way to encourage them.

Precision Circuit - Certificate holders (Advanced local and up)
1st Bill Penman - 2nd Sooty - 3rd Bradley York
Precision Circuit - Students (novice and intermediate)
1st Len Carney - 2nd Peter Bourne - 3rd Virginia Westerberg
(Seeing the marking of all the competitors - the standard was very high.)

Glide Approach - Certificate holders
1st Bill Penman - 2nd Bradley York - 3rd David Scoby
Glide Approach - students
1st Peter Bourne - 2nd Flemming Ravn - 3rd Len Carney
Preflight Competition
1st Virginia Westerberg
Navigation Course.
1st Brian Curry and Ian Boag - 2nd David Scoby and Robert Harper - 3rd Tony Unwin and Geoff
Student Nav-
1st Peter Bourne and Sooty - 2nd Len Carney and Sooty

Frank was an absolute star and took all the air cadets, who had come to help on the grid, up for a flight in that Drifter after the competitions finished. They absolutely enjoyed the whole day. They all got taken up in various aircraft as a thank you for helping and then Frank took them all up to show them what real flying is like! It was wonderful to be able to share our passion and, hopefully, pass it on to the next generation.

Sooty was a star too. He entered right into the spirit of the day and took two of our students (Len Carney and Peter Bourne) up so that they could have a go at the Bombing and the Navigation competitions. As a result, both were able to come 1st and 2nd in the Nav. Course.

Well done Guys.
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