Feilding Flying Club

Feilding Flying Club

October 2017 President's newsletter

October had its highs and lows for our club.

Sadly Barry Nolan passed away.  Barry had been on our committee for the last three years and flying microlights from Feilding airfield for approx the last 25 years.  His great sense of humour and his get things done attitude will be missed.

On a brighter note and although the weather has see the airfield the quietest for years, we still managed to get through most of our trial flight back log and signed up to new younger members as RAANZ Novice pilots.

We would like to welcome Elliot Kernan and Cameron Burmeister to our club, make yourselves at home and enjoy what our club has to offer.
The bad patch of weather also gave us the opportunity to catch up on some of the hangar and clubroom maintenance.  A working bee set too and gave the hangar doors an A to Z check replacing screws and rivets as required and also fitted rubber stops at the top to ensure the rollers don't come out and the doors fall when opened with force.
The book and video shelf has also been sorted along with the TV etc so help yourselves to anything there, just note it in the notebook.

Our website is also getting a face lift so check there for all club updates, events etc . www.theflyingclub.co.nz

Plane wise, SAQ and TRD are all go but as Graeme mentioned in his letter below, LLY has suffered damage from a hard or hard landings and is in need of repair. It will be out of service for about two weeks. We can't fix or check what we don't know. Please report such incidents, we won't bite but it is not pleasing to find such damage and it not being reported.
Last weekend with several fine days in a row, we saw the field busy again with all out to make the most of it, hope it keeps up.

See you at afternoon tea at three, first Sunday of the Month. All welcome.

From the Club Capt.

Sadly, our weather has not been conducive to microlight aviation of late; however last 28 / 29th weekend brought us some settled conditions even if we ended up with more rain.
I managed to convince my wife to fly with me in SAQ last Saturday and we flew down the Manawatu River to Linton, over to Rangiotu, up the Transit T354 and back into the Fdg circuit in smooth flying conditions. The result was two happy people. Happy wife, happy life.

Unfortunately, LLY couldn't be utilised over the weekend. When checking her over for the annual inspection, we discovered the airframes have been crushed and cracked over the main landing gear beam. This has probably been caused by very heavy landings. It is essential, that if you unfortunately have a heavy landing, please report it to an instructor, Ron (CFI), Sarah (Safety Officer), Stan or myself. You will not be penalised, we can all get it wrong sometimes. For everyone's safety, the aircraft must be checked after a heavy landing; they are microlight aircraft.

Hoping to see you all at the afternoon tea next Sunday afternoon.
Safe Flying

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