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Feilding Flying Club

December 2017 President's newsletter

December 2017 President's Newsletter.
Hi All,
2017 is all but over with December being a busy month for our club.
We ended the year with two more instructors on board, Matt Wilkins and Steve DeGrey. Congratulations to you both once again.
We also welcome another new member, Stepen Jenkins, make yourself at home and enjoy what our club has to offer. This brings our club membership close to eighty.
December was also busy with trial flights and sales of trial flight vouchers, most to be flown in the New Year. We sold more vouchers this December than previous years so it shows there is still a keen interest in aviation, good to see.

As you know at the beginning of 2017 we decided to retire our Gazelle from training and sell on to a private owner.  Along with this it was the decision to buy another Tecnam to replace the Gazelle. Trevor Diog's Tecnam Classic from Hastings became available.  We set to and raised the funds required to purchase this aircraft.  It has proven very popular with our students and we are proud to say that it is now all paid for.

Our club is freehold with enough in the bank to see us right for the start of 2018. What a massive achievement.  We have a lot of skilled members in our club in all areas. This in itself keeps our running costs down and to be in the position we're in today.  Thanks to all who have helped over the year, this is what makes our club a great place to be.
Planning ahead, RAANZ National Fly-in is at Stratford on February 16th -18th. Our club has a wide range of private aircraft from 1980's microlight's to modern glass fast machines. Let's see if we can get as many as possible to this great event.

Afternoon Tea at 3 won't be on in January as previous years. A lot of members are still on holiday so it's business as usual for February afternoon tea.
Don't forget to head to Pam and Peter Kernohans for New Year lunch tomorrow.  This is the first fly-in of 2018 so try and get there.
All our aircraft are online and ready for you as we roll over to the New Year and we look forward to another great year in 2018 for our Club.
Thank you all once again.

Cheers Stan

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Hi Aviators, just the club Capt. Ramble for 2018

I hope you are taking advantage of this good flying weather. I couldn't help myself last Sunday and took the Storch for a spin, perfect weather, pure ecstasy.
Great to witness Cody going solo, well done to Cody AND Frank.

I also hear Steve and Matt have taken their first students, well done to you both.
Stan and myself serviced TRD last week and we noticed a few things which need to be mentioned.

1.      It's appears the oil reservoir has been over-filled. To check the oil level, the engine MUST be "burped" to get all the oil back into the reservoir.
          A helpful tip here, turn the propeller slowly and it will burp quicker.
          However, if you do need to top-up the oil, in future, can you please note the amount you use on the aircraft whiteboard in the Clubroom which will help Stan & I monitor engine condition.

2.       When removing the top cowl, after you have released the catches, please lift the front of the cowl off the pins before you lift the cowl off the aircraft.
The panel is being stressed at the rivets. With the cowl off, please place it carefully on the ground or preferably on the grass to avoid removing the paint.

3.       Also noticed a dent on the top cowl and one on the fuselage, please be careful around our aircraft, they are your assets.
          If our good weather continues, Turangi Aero Club have resumed their Summer BBQ Season and 21st Jan is the next one.
          Hoping to organise something else very soon.

Our Treasurer has asked for the flying members to please fill out as much detail as possible on the charge sheets, e.g. Graeme A. and the type of payment code. When using the cash envelopes please write some detail, e.g. A/c rego, date, etc. and the same apples to on line banking, some detail please.

See you at the Club soon.

Safe Flying