Feilding Flying Club

Feilding Flying Club
Presidents Report June 2019
Hi all,
July has passed, AGM out of the way and we are off into another club financial year.
For those that didn't attend our AGM and are not aware of the outcome, we welcome new members to our committee.
Peter Bourne, Virginia Westerberg, Kjell Westerberg and Rachelle Taylor.
A Patron was also added to the list and Ron Berg was elected to this position. Congratulations.
There was also a life member added to the agenda. This is the first life member since we changed our name to Feilding Flying Club. That went to me. Very honoured.

It was also decided to keep an eye out for a third aircraft. A Tecnam Sierra or similar seems to be the direction we will be going.
Aircraft wise TRD is working as hard as ever but LLY's motor has come to end of its life with fretting crankcases. To rebuild its engine is costly and takes time so we have purchased a low hour replacement engine from New Zealand's Rotax agent and it is being checked over before being sent down to us. We will see it next week. Back in business before you know it.

For those with Rotax engines both 4 and 2 stroke you have probably heard all the stories of on condition. Something we haven't officially had since microlighting began.

Well things have changed and if your motor is out of calendar or lifed hours then it has to be signed of as on condition.
Contrary to all the rumours, this process isn't that much of a drama. If you have been logging all your engine specs at your annual inspection and nothing is changing then the RAANZ appointed On Condition Officer, after talking to you the owner, your IA (Inspection Authority) and checking your logbooks will sign it off and send the forms to RAANZ. If you don't have any history for this to happen then the Officer will set a programme in place to be followed until satisfied the engine is sound and can go on condition. These officers are basically auditing what should already be happening. The RAANZ on Condition
Officer for our area is me so call if you have any issues or an engine to check. It certainly isn't the end of the world like we first thought.
So in a few weeks we will be back to two flying aircraft and the Sun has been shining, All is good.
See you at afternoon tea at 3.00.

CFI Report.

Hi Everyone, Winter has meant flying has been a little scarce. Great weekdays but lousy weekends! For those missing out on lessons due to weather, please remember that part of flying is learning to make sound judgements too, knowing that it is better to err on caution than get caught out wishing you were still on the ground.
It was lovely to see our newly Passenger rated member, Sooty Bradnock, taking out his lovely partner Sarah for a local flight and then his daughter Eliza. A very special moment and, amazingly they are happy to go with him again sometime!
This will be Sunday 11th August 1-3pm. There will be a visit to Brenden Deere's Biggin Hill hanger to see the Spitfire, Avenger and other assorted aircraft; The Catalina is also on the agenda, as will be a visit to the tower. We are very privileged to be able to do this and I would like to encourage all students and members alike to go. I will be cancelling ALL the afternoon lessons for that day and moving them to Sunday 4th August (If this is you I will be in contact!) so that students and instructors are free to go. I am sorry for any inconvenience if that involves you, but encourage you to join us on what looks to be a great afternoon and club event.
If you haven't already, please contact Kjell Westerberg, our new Club Captain, if you would like to go. The Taylor's are able to sort out a mini bus if required, so if you need a lift, again, please inform Kjell if this is the case so that we can get the ball rolling. For those driving we can meet at the gate or at the club rooms to carpool.
To recap- Our Air force contact SQDLDR Jim Rankin would like to firm up numbers so we would like to know if you are a definite or a maybe. (If Kjell already has your name down then you don't need to contact him again unless you can take others in your vehicle)
To our young students - bring a member of the family - its fine.
We as a club would like to know if you need a lift, are driving and, if you have space to take a passenger or two.
All correspondence to be done through Kjell Westerberg- kjellwes@hotmail.com or sarahcoly1@gmail.co.nz

Club Captain.

Hi all my name is Kjell for those that dont know me.  Since I have the honour of being  your new Club Captain, it was suggested I present myself. Here comes a short version, mainly about flying. Born in Finland. Lived most of my life in Sweden.
Started parachuting in 1971, started flying gliders in 1972, both on a little old wartime airfield in southern Finland. I have 60 hours glider time.
Moved to Sweden 1975. It became too difficult to continue flying gliders so I left that for the time being. But I continued parachuting and did that for 21 years, until 1992, mainly free fall formations. I have 15 years as a senior instructor and have taught several hundreds of people how to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. I took part in two Swedish formation records (largest freefall formation).
In 1981 I travelled to Vero Beach, Florida, to learn to fly motorized airplanes. The earlier glider flying helped a lot and the little Cessna was a no brainer, so I flew solo after 2.7 hours instruction. It took me 5 weeks go my PPL. The day after graduation, three friends and I flew down to Key West, a flight of 4 hours, very neat. Return flight was in darkness.  A couple of years later I got Aerobatic rating and joined a group sharing a Bellanca Super Decathlon.  Flew some competitions, best result was 3rd in Swedish nationals, Sportsman class.  In May 1992 I was invited to Russia, 7 Swedish pilots on a 2 week course in advanced aerobatics at an ex military aerobatic school just outside St Petersburg. That was an amazing trip. We flew Yak 52s, each one had a personal airplane and personal instructor. Coming back I had valid Swedish, US and military Russian flying license, pretty unusual.  In 2005 I moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I met Virginia, we both worked for the same company, a big Radiology clinic with customers all over Europe. They sent us to Sydney to set up a daughter company. Whilst there (8 months) I got an Australian microlight license, flying a TECNAM Sierra.  And now, since September 2009 (soon 10 years!) we are living in Palmy. First weekend here I headed to Feilding aerodrome, and liked what I saw. The first person I met was Peter Gene, who immediately invited me on a flight in his Jodel. Could not be better! Currently I have about 1150 flying hours. Flying in NZ is relaxing and beautiful, and very affordable. Pilots are pilots, pretty similar all over the world, the type of people you like. And Virginia started flying (her idea, not mine) and doing great. We have a little airplane waiting for us in a hangar. Life is good.

Safety Officers Report.

It is said that 3 things must align for you to be able to fly: money, time and weather (although lately availability of aircraft/instructor could be included as other factors). This month I thought I would touch on the weather aspect - once I've worked out how to create more time and have the recipe for a money tree I might share these with you too.
Recently I came across an excellent free ebook on line: Meteorology for PPL Pilots, Second Edition Manual
MetService NZ Ltd has produced this ebook on Meteorology for Private Pilot's Licence. It is designed not only to help you pass your PPL Meteorology examination, but to give you the necessary tools to be able to make sound weather-based decisions in relation to your flying activities.
ISBN: 978-0-473-46065-5
Although aimed at the PPL syllabus it is still an excellent reference for microlight pilots. It's up to date and includes GRAFORs (if you're not sure what they are - down load the book!).
Official weather information can be obtained from Met Service http://metflight.metra.co.nz/MetFlight.php which can also be sourced from IFIS mobile app on your phone (free download).
A less official source is windy https://www.windy.com/?-40.250,175.117,8 with its easy to understand their graphical depiction of weather and trends.
Then of course there is our weather cam on the club house: http://theflyingclub.co.nz/ just click on the webcam link.
If you have other favourite weather sources feel free to share, or have issues accessing the links above let me know.
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