Feilding Flying Club
Presidents Report January News Letter.
Hi All, Happy New Year to you.
This year is off to a flying start with the first New Years day fly-in at Masterton now behind us. It was well attended and Feiding was awarded the prize for most attending from one airfield. This was great to see as the weather was to say the least a bit ugly at times.

Athol and Betty Sowley started the New Year day Fly-ins at their Woodville strip and have now handed it over to other clubs in the lower North Island, they have asked if Feilding will host it next year and we have agreed.

Congratulations to our very own Steve Degrey becoming a senior instructor well done.

Congratulations to Corrie DeBruyn for his solo flight in LLY, well done, just snuck that in before the New Year.
It is also good to see LLY filling in again while TRD is in for service, that's the beauty of having club aircraft very similar to each other, training and flying continues without too much disruption.

LLY has a very slight oil leak at the ignition case at the back of the motor, not enough to stop it flying but please keep an eye on it and check the oil level every flight. (As you are meant to). This will be attended to at its next oil change.

TRD has a few rivets under the right wing that need attending to and this should, all going well be sorted by the second week January. Thanks for you patience if you have missed out on a few flights.

As you will be aware from previous notices, Feilding will be hosting the RAANZ National Fly-in, February (14th to 16th).  While older RAANZ members know what this is all about, our newer members probably don't.

Our club is affiliated to RAANZ and we operate under their rules.  Every year a club in NZ put its hand up to hold this fly- in.
On Friday pilots from all over the county start arriving, Saturday morning more arrivals then competitions are held like spot landing, navigation flight, bombing etc.  Saturday night is the evening meal and prize giving at our Clubrooms then Sunday breakfast for our visitors before they depart.
I have made great friends from all over NZ by attending these events and something pretty serious would have to get in the way for me to miss one.
Please make the effort to attend, join in the competitions and help put on a good event at Feilding airfield.
Our club will also be celebrating its 20th birthday at the same time.  Another good reason to attend.  Helpers will be required so if you can make it, please let us know.
The weekend program and registration forms are on the home page of the RAANZ website.
Please register early so we start getting ideas of numbers attending for the meals etc. any questions, please ask and also pass this this information on to pilots outside our club as you see them.

Afternoon tea at three will be back on the 1st Sunday in February now that Christmas and New year are behind us and we settle back into our normal routines.
From a Safety point of view and keeping our good reputation at Feilding Airfield, (eyes are watching), keep the flying safe and tidy and get to enjoy it again the next day.
There have been a few incidents lately of very risky and dangerous flights past the field that haven't gone unnoticed.
CFI's report, upcoming events.
Safe Flying.

CFI's Report
Hi everyone,
I hope that you are all enjoying some finer weather.
The RAANZ National Fly In is coming up in February and will be held at Feilding and co hosted by us and MAC. If you are able to help, please put your hand up. We want it to be the best ever as we also celebrating our club's 20th anniversary. More information will be coming out soon. But there will be plenty of food, fun and flying.
I have organized the booking system now for the next 6 months, starting from February onwards. You will notice that the weekend of the 15th/ 16th Feb is blocked out. This is for the RAANZ fly in.
We are hoping to have TRD up and running soon. We will let you know as soon as this happens. Those flying LLY, please keep an eye on the oil. Notes are on the board.
I now have the Navigation ground exercise ready to go. We will probably wait until after the RAANZ Fly In in Feb before running the first class.
Wishing all a good New Year and hope for some great flying weather.


18th Jan: Classics of the Sky  Tauranga City Air Show
25th Jan: Wings and Wheels. At Thames
Presented by Hauraki Aero Club and Thames Vintage Classic Car Club. www.tcas.nz
25th-26th Jan: Autogyro Association Fly-In Dannevirke. Fly-out to Athbey Farm on Sunday.

RAANZ 2020 National Fly-in
Fri-Sun 14-16 February
Feilding Airfield
Hosted by Feilding Flying Club and Manawatu Aviation Club.
also celebrating Feilding Flying Club's 20th anniversary as a RAANZ affiliated club.
1st Feb: Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs, Omaka
16th Feb: Turangi Aero Club Fly-In
15th Mar: Turangi Aero Club Fly-In

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