Feilding Flying Club

Feilding Flying Club
May 2018 Presidents News Letter.

Hi All,
May has passed by and we are now officially into winter.  May was not good weather wise but the weather Gods predict June to be better and slightly warmer,  let's hope so.

In saying that,  May was still a good month for our Club with novice member Len Carney flying his first Solo in TRD. Congratulations again Len. The smile on your face said it all.

We also signed up two more members for the month, Martyn Burgess and Rob Baker. Welcome aboard and enjoy what our club has to offer.
All aircraft are serviced and available so take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts.

The Dawn raid season didn't get off to a great start with the bad weather seeing no aircraft able to get into Waipukurau but at least thirty drove in for breakfast and a catch up.

Feilding is next on the list, 10th June and hopefully we have decent weather but if not turn up anyway for a great cooked breakfast and a chat.
Dannevirke is after ours' on the 17th June.  All our aircraft were booked for Waipuk and as this didn't eventuate, let's see if we can do the same for Dannevirke. Get in and book the aircraft so you don't miss out.

End of May is also the end of our financial year and subs are now due ($30.00). As of the 1st June, if you are rated in our aircraft please "DO NOT" fly our aircraft without subs being paid. You have to be a financial member,  this is how our insurance is set up. Please don't put the club in a position that if something were to go wrong we find we have no insurance.

With the financial year finished our books are at our Auditor and will be ready for our AGM. 
The AGM will be held on the 1st of July at 1.30 follow by afternoon tea. Please note that you have to be financial to vote at the AGM. (Subs Paid.)
Its Queens Birthday this weekend and some of us will be away but our afternoon tea at three will still be on, Sunday 3rd .Virginia is doing a great job with this club event so pop on in or fly in if the weather is good.

With another financial year behind us, we can report that our Club, Aircraft, Facilities and Finances are in great shape to take us into the next year. We can all be proud of what we have achieved this year and we see no reason that the next financial year won't be just as good.
Think that's all for now.

See you at the Club.
Cheers Stan.

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