Feilding Flying Club

Feilding Flying Club

The New Zealand Association of Women in Aviation is an enthusiastic group that aims to foster friendship amongst women interested in all aspects of aviation. Through our network, meetings, rallies and newsletters, we encourage you to extend your knowledge and experience in your chosen sport or profession.

By becoming a member you gain access to a great network of women who are involved either, professionally or recreationally, in a wide range of aviation activities. You will receive our great newsletter which is full of articles, updates, lively stories and useful information, all submitted by our New Zealand and overseas members.

We hold an annual Rally during June at Queen’s Birthday Weekend at different locations across New Zealand. You would have the opportunity to fly in for a memorable weekend of competition, education and camaraderie. There are competitions for pilots at all levels of experience including fixed-wing, glider, helicopter and microlight aircraft pilots as well as for parachutists.

Here is the web site if you want to check them out - http://nzawa.org.nz/
Women in Aviation inc Awards 2018

2018 Queens Birthday Weekend held at Whitianga Aerodrome
Well done Sarah, we are all so proud of you bringing home the sliver ware.

Airways enroute Comp - winner   

Kay Scott trophy - (Joint)1st place
The other 1st place person was Jan Chisolm From Hastings

Neeson Scholarship - winner

Patricia wright Memorial - 2nd place
About each award:

AIRWAYS VFR ENROUTE COMPETITION (Private pilots filing VFR flight plans for flights in excess of 150nm enroute to Rally)
1.Flight Plan to be filed at least one hour prior to ETD.
2.When lodging Flight Plan advise Flight planning to activate competition entry.
3.Flight Information will monitor progress of flight and score based on: Accuracy of position reports

KAY SCOTT TROPHY (Non instrument circuit for student and private pilots – fixed wing only)
1.Entrants to provide own instrument covers. These must allow access to instruments for judges.
2.Instruments will be covered from point of roll at take-off to point of landing.
3.Entrants must nominate downwind power setting, climb, base leg and approach speeds, and will be judged on assessment of these without the aid of instruments. Correct turn and downwind heights, and the takeoff and landing will also be judged.

Neeson Scholarship.
The Neeson Scholarship was established in 2010 following a generous bequest made by the Neeson Family in memory of Jessica Neeson who was a qualified B-Category Flight Instructor who sadly died in an air accident.
The purpose of the annual scholarship is to assist a member, who is already a qualified instructor, to undertake training or study, not necessarily aviation related, that will improve the instructors teaching skills to help student pilots learn to fly.

PATRICIA WRIGHT MEMORIAL TROPHY (Private, commercial, ATPL or certificate holders pre-flight competition)
An aircraft with a number of defects will be provided and entrants will be required to list these whilst doing a normal pre-flight check.
Time limit to be advised on the day.